We offer a variety of scratch made baked goods. The offerings are all made by us and change all the time. Come see what we have today. 


Polenta Bowls-  Bob’s Red Mill yellow corn polenta (available as sandwiches)


> Scrambled eggs, cheddar, bacon or sausage -9

> Roasted veggies, pesto -9

> Brisket, collards, hot sauce -10

> Squashfennel, goat cheese, tomato, salsa verde -9

> Roast Pork, cabbage, bacon onion jam -10

>Kimchi, scrambled eggs, cheddar -9


Homemade Biscuits


> Plain biscuit -3

> Butter and jelly -4

> Sausage and grape jelly -5

> Sausage/bacon, egg, cheddar -6

> Balsamic mushrooms and onions, provolone, egg* -6

> Butter and honey -4


Other Stuff


Quiche-  du jour -5

Veggie Hash- potatoes, veggies, pesto, 2 eggs*-8

Add sausage or bacon -3

Add Gorgonzola-3



*Consuming raw or undercooked eggs could increase the likeness of food born illnesses we cook eggs to order